Silent Gliss 3000

Silent Gliss

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Silent Gliss 3000 is strong and elegant corded track. The enclosed cord channels ensure the cord cannot slip out, making it the perfect choice for bay windows. Can be forward and reverse bent. Can be corded from both ends for heavier curtains or where one curtain is wider than the other. Easy ceiling or wall fix. Available in White only.

Silent Gliss 3000 Curtain track in white including gliders, end stops and brackets

Track type: Corded - Made to order 

Size: 125cm to 600cm - *larger sizes can be made on request - Call for a quote*

Material: Aluminium

Applications: Domestic and Commercial 

Window types: Straight, bent to shape and bay window * Bent are factory made - Call for a quote*

Bend Types: Forward and Reverse Bent 

Curtain weight: Medium upto 12 kg 

Curtain headings compatible: Pencil Pleat, double pleat, triple pleat 

Curtain attachment: Curtain hook or pin hook