Lantern Roof Blinds

The compact Blinds solution for Lantern Roof Windows

Our Lantern Roof Blinds are can be mounted inside a Lantern roof recess to provide complete shade control. The Cellular Pleated fabric deflects the heat and UV while filtering the light to provide a comfortable living space. Powered either by Somfy Battery motor or Mains / 24v we can create a fully smart shade, compact to allow for full view of the lantern when not in use. 


Hardware can be bespoke colour to the frame of the Lantern, the popular being White, Anthracite Grey and Black. 

Planning on integrating a Lantern roof blind into the recess on Plan?

We can work with clients on how best to integrate our Lantern roof blind so that hardware is not visible. For this cable positions, channels and ledges will need to be carefully planned and constructed to allow enough room for install and for blind hardware itself. 

Energy Saving Duette Pleated Fabrics, protecting furniture and insulating properties.

Duette by nature is the highest performance roof blind fabric on the market. Pleated fabric offers a modern, subtle and effective addition to any decor. All cellular fabrics have a face colour and a UV reflective back to the cell. This allows the fabric to have a longer life span than the more basic single pleated fabrics some offer. All cords run through the cells so no perforation holes are visible when the blind is part or fully in use. Thin micro cables are used to tension the product and are barely visible when the blind is fully retracted.