A Stunning Made to Measure range of Hardwood and Fauxwood Planation shutters 

Our Plantation Shutters Collection feature Bass Wood, Paulownia Wood and an Hpvc waterproof counterpart.  All hardwoods sourced are Fsc rated from protected forests where trees are responsibily sourced and replaced. The Wood product is the most vogue of all and comes in an array of standard colours along with the custom paint option of which gains the client the ability to match interior paints form the likes of Farrow & Ball, Little Green, Dulux and Valspar.


Hinges include Chrome, Brushed Metal, Brass, Antique Brass, White and Black as standard. Louvre sizes start at 48mm, 63mm & 76mm with the larger alternatives at 89mm and 114mm. Centre tilt rod, offset tilt rod, hidden tilt and clearview tilt are standard tilt options to suit the overall look of the shutter and to offer the appropriate control required.


Our Paulownia and Bass wood shutters are imported from Asia. Our transit times vary throughout the year but on a whole we have seen a consitent 10 week window from order to arrival. 


Faux wood is the HPVC design which mimics the wood to a tee. Although heavier, the aluminium core Pvc product offers water resistance, enhanced heat insulating and UV protective benefits without the risk of fading or moisture damage. Ideal for Bathroom, Kitchen, Commercial and windows where condensation can become troublesome. 

Standard Rectangle, Bay Windows and Shaped Designs

We can design all the popular configurations for your shutters be it Full Height, Tier on Tier, Bay Window, Tracked Patio and of coarse shapes. Our shaped designs of recent have seen us create arched, triangular, rake shaped and shaped roof.


Buy Standard shutter in Wood or Faux wood Online or send us information for design quotes for more taxing windows and shapes.