Faux Wood Shutters

A durable Moisture, heat and UV resistant Plantation Shutter

Our Faux wood Shutters are made from a durable Composite PVC and are one of the most robust window shading products on the market today.


Faux wood shutters are popular in 63mm, 76mm and 89mm Louvre sizes and can be constructed with tilt rods centred, offset or the more modern 'clear view' ( no tilt rod ) design.


We can craft the Faux wood shutter to fit all window shapes be it rectangular, Bay Window, Arched and Triangular.


Bay Window and shapes are best designed & Installed by professionals but for the advanced DIY enthusiast a standard window with our fitting guide and finishing techniques can be easily achieved. 

Search through our range of faux wood shutters to buy online.


Contact us for design & Install for more complex shapes and Bay windows.