Curtain Tracks

Curtain tracks are custom made in our workshops using branded track and components.  We cover all types of window from straight to curved, bespoke bends and bay windows as well as slopes and very irregular shaped applications. 

Our ranges include Uncorded Curtain Track, Corded Curtain Track and Motorised Curtain Track. Suitable Curtain Headings include Pencil Pleat, Double Pleat, Triple Pleat and Wave 60mm & 80mm ( only on tracks offering the Wave feature).


Uncorded Curtain Tracks are a manual/ hand pull option, often best used in conjunction with draw rods attached to the leading glider of the curtain. 

 Popular tracks are the 1280 and the 1080 and both can cater for light to medium curtain weights. 


Corded Curtain Tracks incorpoarte a pulley system with the cord situated on the most practical side of the rail for access and ease of use. Our Corded range are suitable for medium to heavy Curtain weights and Curtains can be controlled individually or as a pair. When a pair of curtains are heavy weight we may place a cord on both ends of the rail to control each individual curtain. Curved and Bay window Corded tracks will often have this feature to make pulling the curtains easier.  Popular designs are the 3000 and the 3840.