Hardwood Tier on Tier Shutters


Tier on tier shutters are independantly hinged louvre or solid shutter panels, one above the other, creating 'tiers'. This is a popular choice for those with Sash windows, bay windows, large shaped windows and windows where there are perhaps multiple openers. 

Depending on the type of window, recess or frame used, tier on tier shutters can often create a half open and half closed  effect which enables the shutters to stack onto an adjacent wall or symmetrically stack together when bi-folded in a bay or recess. 

If size allows it, tier on tier shutters can mount one above the other with a minimal gap between the doors for working tollerance. If the weight of the panels and the structure of the frame requires a 'Horizontal T Post' then the Tiers would be divided by a physical post in the frame adding further support.